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Extra Life OKC presents Inaugural MiracleCon Gaming Event

MiracleCon 2019 took place Saturday, August 24 on The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center campus and hosted 12 hours of gaming, from consoles to PC and tabletop to role-playing. MiracleCon was created to bring Oklahoma gamers together to support Extra Life and Children’s Hospital Foundation. Extra Life unites thousands of gamers to play games and heal kids by fundraising for their local Children’s Hospital across North America.

MiralcleCon co-chairs were Mike Dattolo and Branden Easley and they pulled together the best of the best in the local gaming industry to join them on the committee. The committee set a goal of 200 attendees and to break even in their first year. They were thrilled when they were able to blow their goal out of the water and have over 500 gamers in attendance!

MiracleCon attendees explored a variety of vendors, board games, D&D Master training, Pokemon Trivia, thought-provoking panels, virtual reality, food, Anime movies, CosplayContest, video games and more. For an additional donation, attendees could boost their experience by participating in tournaments for awesome prizes, in both board and video gaming. Johnny Ryan Weaver, better known to the gaming world as Icy Chiller, ran the video game tournaments of Apex and Smash Brothers. Johnny is a retired Halo Champion who has joined the OKC Extra Life Board.

Partners for MiracleCon included Microsoft, Retro Gamers, Nintendo, OK Board Gamers, DreamHack, OU Innovation Hub, 501 Legions (local Star Wars group), Ghostbusters, Loot & XP.

Thank you to every attendee, committee member, volunteer and vendor who helped make MiracleCon a success! If you are interested in more information on Extra Life or MiracleCon, contact Vicki Ernst at or by calling 405.271.2260 ext. 36553.