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Bravo to our Newest Angel in Action!

Every quarter, we take a moment to celebrate one of our most committed volunteers with the Angel in Action award. Join us today as we honor Mike Dattolo, an Extra Lifer who never ceases working creatively to bring healing to kids in Oklahoma.

Mike Dattolo’s passion for tabletop gaming is infectious.

Mike was nominated by Vickie Ernst who works for the Children’s Hospital Foundation in Oklahoma City. “When I met Mike and asked him to work with Extra Life in 2017, I had no idea how important he would become to Children’s Hospital Foundation.” Mike and Vicki have worked together for years #ForTheKids, but in 2019, he led local Extra Lifers to gather at MiracleCon, a new local gaming convention in OKC’s Nicholson Convention Center.

The inaugural MiracleCon was hosted last August and featured open gaming, tournaments, VR gaming, vintage arcade games, tabletop games and even had a kids gaming zone. Attendees were able to buy awesome gaming/geek collectables and win incredible prizes. With tickets only costing $10 a person, the event made a great splash locally.

Cosplay fun at MiracleCon

An epic event like this is only made possible by the hard work of dedicated gamers, and Mike’s work was critical to MiracleCon’s success. Vicki explained that Mike “was able to take the vision of MiracleCon and inspire all the best people to make it happen!” However, being an Angel in Action involves dedication year-round.

Mike’s ability to “Respect and Empower Others” is his greatest strength as a L.E.A.D.E.R. Vicki believes that “he is the glue that keeps our Ace team together. He is the inspiration when we need an idea (such as a last moment board gaming sale to raise just a little more money) and he is a wealth of knowledge to keep us moving forward. However, the main thing is that Mike’s humble demeanor, kindness and consideration on our board, which helps us reach for higher and higher goals to help kids in Oklahoma.”

Mike, congratulations on earning our most recent Angels in Action award. Your passion for your local community and uniting gamers inspires us so much! Keep it up.

Don’t forget to sign up for Extra Life to help sick and injured kids in hospitals around the US and Canada by playing games!