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Champion Child Ady makes a new friend!

Recently our 2021 Champion Child Ady had the pleasure of meeting the Director of Operations for DND Group Inc.,  Lester Chavez. Mr. Chavez made the trip from Costa Mesa, California to check on the company’s five OKC metro Dairy Queen locations, and on the top of his to-do list was meet the 8-year-old he had heard so much about, “the one who kicked cancers butt”. Lester even honored Ady with a cherished pin branded with both the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and Dairy Queen logos. In all the excitement we forgot to get a picture of Lester with Ady,  so above is a picture of Lester holding Ady’s picture. Ady’s mom Ashley tells us that Ady puts on her special pin every day after school and is very proud of it. Ady claimed after the meeting, “I must be a big deal for him to come all this way to meet me.” Yes, Ady, you are definitely a big deal!

DND Groups Inc. is owned by Dara Dejbakhsh and employs over 500 employees.  Dara tends to prefer remaining behind the scenes. Dara is the visionary for DND Group and Lester is the one that brings the vision to fruition. They own and operate Dairy Queen’s in Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Wyoming, and Oklahoma.  DND Group’s mission statement is “Whatever you do, do it well”. Since the company took over our five metro locations, we can see they take the mission statement seriously. Those five locations helped our Dairy Queen’s reach their highest CMN totals in 2020 for Children’s Hospital Foundation, during a pandemic with lobbies closed. In 2021, they have broken another new record in helping Oklahoma’s kids! We look forward to working together for many years to come.

Even though Lester was excited to be a lot closer to his beloved Dallas Cowboy’s by visiting Oklahoma, he said the best part of his trip was meeting Ady!