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Top Fundraising Student: Maxi Anderson raises more than $190,000 FOR THE KIDS!

Miracle Network Dance Marathon is a movement uniting college, university and high school students across North America. Students involved in a campus dance marathon organization spend their year gaining leadership, teamwork, and non-profit business experience while raising funds and awareness in their community. This year, we recognized Maxi Anderson for her dedication to Soonerthon and Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Maxi was highly involved with Campus Activities Council’s “Soonerthon” all five years while attending the University of Oklahoma. She held various positions within the organization while helping propel the OU campus to raise over $1 million in 2018. This year Maxi not only chaired the event, but she surpassed the overall student fundraising total of all dance marathon students across the country, raising more than $90,000. Maxi raised more than $190,000 during her 5 years of involvement with Soonerthon. Her leadership and ability to share her experience has brought great awareness to the medical battles our miracle children face. She has garnered relationships with the student body, miracle children and several corporations during her involvement.

Maxi’s parents, Dr. Larry Anderson and Dr. Sasha Vukelja, took their commitment to Oklahoma’s sick and injured children in the establishment of an endowed scholarship to support Price College students in recognition and celebration of the legacy of Maxi, a May 2018 graduate of the college. The first scholarship will be awarded this coming academic year and is designated for students who meet specific criteria including being an active member of Campus Activities Council and Soonerthon. University of Oklahoma President Designate, James Gallogly, showed great appreciation to Maxi’s parents for their most generous gift to future generations of Sooners. We would like to recognize Maxi’s accomplishments on behalf of Children’s Hospital Foundation and to her parents for their generous love and support.