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Dairy Queen Celebrates Ady’s Birthday


Local Dairy Queen’s have fallen in love with our 2021 Champion Child Ady, finding her the inspiration they need to fundraise locally like they never have before! Recently DQ threw Ady a birthday party. Ady, her family, and her newfound friends at Dairy Queen celebrated Ady going into her 8th-year and this year was especially special because she is CANCER FREE! Dairy Queen managers showed up to give this Champion a day she wouldn’t forget, decked out in her favorite colors (pink & purple) and unicorns, right down to her boots. It truly was the BEST DAY EVER, a phrase that Ady uses often. Since “kicking cancers butt” (also an Ady phrase) she and her family have learned to appreciate all the BEST DAYS! Thanks, Dairy Queen for helping us create more miracles like Ady by Rounding Upat the registers!