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Walmart and Sam’s Club Partner with Children’s Hospital Foundation to Fight Child Illness

When it comes to raising funds for Children’s Miracle Network, Walmart and Sam’s Clubs across Oklahoma take their goals seriously. From Aug. 27-Sept. 30, Children’s Hospital Foundation, an affiliate of Children’s Miracle Network in Oklahoma, has the opportunity to partner with Walmart and Sam’s Clubs by ASKing (Associates Saving Kids) every single customer for donations at the register. Money is raised primarily through a register campaign where customers and members contribute $1 or more when they checkout, however, thanks to the creativity and commitment of the Oklahoma Walmart and Sam’s Clubs stores, the register donations aren’t the only donations flooding into Children’s Miracle Network.

From bake sells to wishing wells to bingo, each Walmart and Sam’s Club implements creative ways to raise funds. One Walmart store in Oklahoma City hosted a circus on September 26 for the area. A Walmart in Mustang raised money through a manger walking around the store dressed as a prisoner and in handcuffs, only to be released once his jar was full of donations. One Walmart in Oklahoma City went so far as to hold a competition involving a tattoo. For this competition, whichever manager has the most money in their donation jar by the end of the competition will have to get a tattoo of Children’s Miracle Network signature balloon graphic.



Funds are raised not only through events but also by the faithful workers of Walmart and Sam’s Clubs. A special “$1 billion” pin is given to those who go above and beyond and ask for a donation from every single customer they come into contact with.





Walmart and Sam’s Club share a basic belief – that every child deserves the chance to live better. That’s why they have supported Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals for 31 years; raising nearly a billion dollars for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in the process. In 1987, the man affectionately known to the CMN Hospitals team as “Mr. Sam,” Sam Walton, committed his company and its resources to raising money for children’s hospitals with the promise that “the associates will amaze you.” Walmart associates play a key role in supporting their local children’s hospitals. In addition to the countless hours volunteered at CMN Hospitals, Walmart and Sam’s Club associates across the US and Canada raised more than $61 million dollars in 2017 through fundraisers and register donations, their associates continue to amaze. And they couldn’t do it with the generosity of the millions of customers who shop in their stores and clubs every week. Together, Walmart and Sam’s Club associates, customers and members are ensuring that millions of children in communities across North America continue to receive the world-class treatment they need to live better.